A Quick How And Why That Doesn’t Tell You Enough

“Hey Ori. How did you not have a job since 2009 and are still able to go to Thailand. And why Thailand?”

Well, what I think I am is a slacker-philosopher, but I bet many folks see me as an unemployed bad-joke teller. If you’re wondering what I do for $$ that allows me to travel, well that involved a bit of luck and using that luck to set myself up for long term travel. The luck being finding a cheap house I could pay off quickly and fix up for rental income. Anyhoo, Thailand just happened to be the first place I landed because I have a friend who lives here. I’m roaming around SE Asia for a few years mainly to avoid working, but also to see the planet before it closes. In 1997 I went to S. America for about 2 years, also to roam around and explore and live by my whims. So hey, at least the slacker part is true.

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