Why There’s Been A Break In The Blogging

I expect this post to be boring to all readers. More so than my other posts, this one is written for myself.

I actually find blogging to be lacking. I want to hear/see the reactions to my stories. Online comments are usually insufficient.

That said, I haven’t had any stories that I feel are worth telling. January was spent in Pattaya, Thailand, dealing w/ things such as: attempting to fix my MacBook Pro, finding a source of insulin, dealing w/ a gas leak in my house (in Austin), etc. February was spent in Cambodia going to see the ruins of Angkor. Maybe there should have been stories there, but it was an odd, solitary time without a computer to type on. March was spent in Bangkok. Again, there should have been stories there but I just wasn’t connecting with anyone or anything. I felt like a security camera at a defunct bank, watching but seeing nothing. And since April I’ve been in Langkawi, Malaysia, skateboarding in my own navel. I’ve been reading my journals of the past 17 years, looking for patterns, etc. So again, nothing I care to discuss in a blog.

I’ve also been looking for a balance between separating myself from and keeping connected to various aspects of my life/friends in Austin.


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