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Abundant Nothing

Monday, January 11th, 2016

You’ve heard the phrase “What do you get the man who has everything?”

I guess the corollary to that is, “What do you get the man who has Nothing?” I mean a person who enjoys doing Nothing (aka reading, eating, taking long walks, napping, etc.). In other words, relaxing. (Wanting for nothing is, of course, a luxury in this world.) What do you get for someone who enjoys a slow-paced life?

You make sure he gets more Nothing, I suppose.

What did I do today? Nothing. I read. I ate. I napped. (My version of “Veni, vidi, vici”.)

Adventures will be had, but first I just want to sit around and catch up on some writing, which involves taking a lot of breaks and indulging a lot of distractions. (I also want to catch up on sleep and enjoy my worry-free days.) Having spent the last 3-4 months under the pressure of deadlines, I am enjoying doing things slowly. I am acclimating to the newness-of-it-all, slowly. Part of me wants to be fluent in Thai as of yesterday, but I really don’t need to hurry.

Finally I have Abundant Nothing and Infinite Time.